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Rosemarie Close

Rosemarie Close


Rosemarie trained in East Sussex after obtaining her law degree in 2006.   Since 2014 she has specialised in litigation.  Rosemarie can advise on a wide range of circumstances but focusses mainly on contentious probate matters.  She also deals with consumer contracts and boundary disputes.  She is passionate about using a strong structure to ensure the best advice for each of her clients at a reasonable cost.  An important factor in this is identifying not only the strengths of each case but the weaknesses.  She uses the enquiry to advise clients as to the best method for resolution of disputes whilst minimising expense to a level that is reasonable considering the potential result.  It also allows her to advise in advance should there be uncomfortable issues likely to be raised by the other parties as this can often cause distress.  This is particularly relevant in contenious probate where it will often be members of the deceased's family involved on both sides of a dispute.  

In summary Rosemarie's areas of work include:-

  • helping to resolve disputes regarding wills
  • advising parties in relation to the administration of estates
  • civil litigation generally


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